The Interviewpoint
Fmr. Gov. Mike Huckabee
Baptist minister turned presidential candidate
We found the former Arkansas governor and current presidential candidate playing bass guitar on a Friday night in a New Hampshire strip mall. Mike Huckabee has made music and art education a
Joel Hafvenstein
Afghanistan's poppy problem
Joel Hafvenstein betrayed no culture shock when his 36 hour trip from Afghanistan deposited him in New York and we shared a Central Park bench to discuss “Opium Season,” his account of good
Haifa Zangana
Iraq’s “City of Widows”
After six months detention, Haifa Zangana walked out of an Iraqi prison thanks to a family connection to Saddam Hussein’s personal secretary. She had been jailed in 1971 for fighting Hussein’s Baath
Andrew Revkin
Sustainability on a shrinking planet
With an impending population of nine billion and a growing consensus that climate change posses significant dangers, Andrew Revkin has tackled the question of global sustainability with his New York
Andy Andres
The surprising truth about steroids in baseball
Can Major League Baseball stop steroid use? Is it harmful to players? Does HGH make you stronger? Professor Andy Andres has some interesting answers to some of baseball’s most important off-season
Is a sixty-foot fall reason to celebrate?
Luke Wesley learned a simple lesson the night he nearly fell to his doom. “It hasn’t really changed my outlook on life,” he says. “But I don’t sit on the edge of the roof anymore.”
Still, we found
It took Ed Trice 18 months and $15 million to meet him
In 1972, Bobby Fischer became the World Chess Champion, capping an inspiring rise and triggering an excruciating fall. His descent from Cold War hero to American fugitive has been laced with signs
Jen Kellas takes us to a secret Brooklyn show
New York music blogger Jen Kellas takes us to Williamsburg to meet Chris Garneau, whose January debut “Music For Tourists” is expected to surface on many Best of 2007 lists next month.
But Chris is
A teenage rite of passage is saved for adulthood
Americans who associate age 16 with vehicular freedom may be surprised to hear of the hoops Dutch youngsters jump through—or don’t bother jumping through—the get their license. When I met Amber,
2007 In Review
Highlights from our launch
As the flying bubble promises, we’ve ranged from politics to sports; music to media. As the calendar flips we look back at our first three months attempting “smart talk with interesting people.”
Smart talk with interesting people.