Baptist minister turned presidential candidate Fmr. Gov. Mike Huckabee October 1, 2007
We found the former Arkansas governor and current presidential candidate playing bass guitar on a Friday night in a New Hampshire strip mall. Mike Huckabee has made music and art education a surprisingly prominent component of his bid for the presidency. It’s one of several positions that seem to defy the political spectrum.
His positions, he says, are explained by his faith. After twelve years as a Baptist minister Huckabee moved to politics in part because he felt his congregation wasn’t serious enough about creating change through the church.
His faith explains his willingness to “bankrupt the state of Arkansas’s treasury” to help Katrina evacuees. “These are our neighbors, these are human beings, these are Americans,” he says.
It also explains his controversial disbelief in Darwinian evolution, which Huckabee clarifies in this conversation without recanting his earlier formulation that “a person either believes that God created this process or its an accident,” and “if anyone wants to believe they are the descendants of a primate they are certainly welcome to do it.”
Huckabee hopes to be the second president from small Hope, AK and like Bill Clinton he relishes the interaction of campaigning and the occasional on-stage solo.
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