Iceland’s muckraking talk show host Egill Helgason October 1, 2007
Perhaps Iceland’s best-known political commentator is also one of its most vocal, complaining that the tremendous wealth of the small, traditionally egalitarian nation is gathering in the hands of too few.
Iceland has some of the world’s highest wages and most jaw-dropping prices, but its 300,000 residents rarely earn mention in American media unless they’re named Bjork or are found whaling.
The population is on the rise thanks to an influx of Eastern European immigrants who Helgason says the country is doing a better job assimilating than the thousands of American servicemen charged with defending the country (and maintaining a strategic North Atlantic base) from 1950 until 2006. Helgason tells of draconian measures designed to keep the soldiers from Iceland’s daughters, measures Helgason was only too happy to circumvent as a night porter at a Reykjavik hotel.
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